Friday, March 15, 2013

Sheldon Castle - Fairhope Alabama

Sheldon Castle in Fairhope Alabama was built in 1946 by Craig Sheldon. Sitting right next door to this castle is the Castle that his daughter built with her husband many years later. Some call the newer castle Mosher Castle but for many of the locals they are both just part of Sheldon Castle. The detail that went into these two castles is amazing however if you take notice of both of the castles and look at the details you will find that while both are amazing and beautiful there is much more detail in one. This would be the first castle that was built, Sheldon Castle.

While Fairhope can be a nice little town to visit it doesn't really have a lot anymore for guests to see. Many of the old rustic charms that were once there have faded or been shut down. Sheldon Castle is one of the few charms that Fairhope still has. This castle use to be able to be rented for events and was once called the Storybook Bed and Breakfast. This was short lived lived. Sheldon Castle was built to be a residence for a family, and while the bed and breakfast was a great novelty and surely attracted many guests for the few years that it was rented, eventually the family decided to make it a residence once again.

There is no reason that you can't drive by and see the castles as many people do, but it would be wise to remember this is soemone's home and it is something that you should be respectful of. If you do take the time to go see these castle you will notice that it is not just the actual castles that make the atmostphere unique. There is a small bridge and little decorations that add to the charm of this castle. Even the windows and doors are something that must have taken a lot of time and imagination to build.

I am sure that the owners are used to people coming and taking photos of the castles and being in their driveway and yard, I do not recommend this and would not say that you should do this. When I attended the castle to photograph I contacted the owners prior to my coming and got permission to photograph the castles.

The problem is that this is now a private residence and while I am unaware of there being any problems with people seeing the castles I do not wish to tell anyone that it is okay, I strongly recommend contacting the owners before showing up. However if you are interested in learning more about the castles you can go to to see the website that Mosher's have set up. The castles are located on Oak Street in Fairhope Alabama.

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